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Who OKs these things?

In front of the off-track betting place, between Coxwell and Kingston Road.

A homely stretch of Queen Street East has a new billboard blocking the sidewalk. The fig leaf of public utility … a map poster … doesn’t excuse the in-your-face obstacle. People carry better maps on their phones.

Icon analysis

I saw this on my walk today and brought it home for further consideration. Does it represent frustration with Information Technology?

The lower case letters suggest a more general meaning … same as the stamp I once had made, for special occasions.

May as well laugh

There’s no point complaining about our poor, broken-down transit system. Maintenance people expected Bombardier would have delivered new, super-long streetcars by now, so they let the old ones fall apart.

This may look like a dead streetcar being towed into the station by one that still works, but maybe we are seeing an attempt by the TTC to create their own super-long streetcars. Low tech, yes … but it beats Bombardier’s efforts.

Taylor Creek, the other way

Our usual inclination is the same as the creek’s; to travel west, toward the Don River. Danica suggested east for a change.

We took electrifying shots at the park entrance. I posed as a bottle opener. See my shadow?

Slide show

 Danica was quick enough to catch the muskrat picture … at least that’s what we think it was. It dove under the surface and never reappeared. There are beaver around, too. A woman said she has seen deer around the lookout.

Someone has done a no-no and released koi fish into the pond. They are feeding on a bun someone tossed in. (Not us)

We walked to the park today, but bicycles are a good option. This summer, city crews will put bike paths on Woodbine, from our place to the park entrance. We like bike paths, but there are many who worry that reducing Woodbine lanes will create traffic headaches. We’ll know in a couple of months.

Looking good, Beach Hill

We had a healthy turn-out in good weather for Earth Day. This is only the part of the crowd … those who have returned to base camp with garbage bags full, ready to be rewarded with beverages and hot dogs. Others were still out cleaning local streets.

I’m sure Earth appreciates the litter-free look, but the part of these events I like best is the strengthening of community ties. We get to show that we care about our environment while we socialize a bit. It’s an opportunity to talk with people I might not otherwise know are neighbours.



JRC’s latest is in print

John Robert Colombo describes his most recent book, Beside the Point:

Two thousand short and original remarks arranged in alphabetical order by subject or topic. What these works have in common is the merit of transience: sudden insights, plays on words, linguistic lapses, philosophical inquiries, expressions of opinions, odd and irrelevant pieces of information, verbal inversions and reversals, vivid interpretations, as well as recreation of impossible schemes and imaginative ideals.

Soft cover designed by Bill Andersen.