Hardware hope

When I went over to buy lightbulbs at our Coxwell hardware store, I said how much I was going to miss the store when it closes in September.

Oh, we are looking to relocate in the neighbourhood,” the hardware guy said. 🙂

This is great news, of course. In the neighbourhood is what we need!

Rumours abound for what will happen to that block, after Home Hardware moves out. Danica and I see a big footprint for a Shoppers Drug Mart, taking up all of the hardware store space plus the Coffee Time space on the corner.

Two more stores, left of the hardware, may also be in play.

Is that empty Royal Bank building on the corner across the street too big to be a Home Hardware? Probably, I guess.

Here would be good, but there are other potential hardware homes in the Bazaar.

Mr Spiffle tells me that city business taxes are killers. Such a big place would carry a huge tax burden. What we don’t need in there is a Starbucks. Lazy Daisy and the Flying Pony already serve our needs, and better.

Consumer questions

Which do you buy more of in a year? Haircuts or flowers?

I’d say that an equal number of each is a good balance. Erring on the side of more flowers is probably not a bad side to favour, though.

Other things can substitute for bouquets. If you don’t have flowers in your life, what takes their place?

News of loss and consolation

I only learned today what the neighbourhood seems to have known for a while. Pat’s Home Hardware will be closing in September. Damn! The Bazaar area needs a hardware store and Pat’s is a good one.

Hardware store, gone by September. Coffee Time is already closed.

The whole block is subject to much speculation, all swirling around the No Frills reconstruction, slowly progressing (?) a few doors north. My “Coffee Time-cannabis-store” guess is probably wrong, but it might become a Shoppers Drug Mart. (Still drugs, eh?) That theory connects Loblaws … owner of No Frills … and Shoppers … also Loblaws.

No hardware store is bad news, but consolation comes with two new neighbourhood openings. I saw the awning going up today on Glory Hole Doughnuts. Opening day must be very close.

Yes, doughnuts, please. I’m sad about the hardware store.

Farther west along Gerrard, near Greenwood, Flying Pony’s Andrew Horne alerted me to a new sign. I went in and met a friendly guy named Evan on Day One of his debut of Astral Grow, a hydroponics store.

Now that everybody can grow 4 cannabis plants at home, consoling puffs are close at hand. With one of Evan’s zippered light boxes, you could probably grow some product long before Doug Ford’s government figures out retail stores.

BTW, Artist Andrew Horne knows how to make Premier Ford ramp up. Step this way, ladies and gents.

How much did you get paid …

… for taking out the garbage this week?

Gift card in hand-addressed envelope with a real stamp

I got a 10 buck gift card for my local Canadian Tire … from an app I use called Quartermaster. It reminds me each week that it’s garbage day and tells me what kind of pick-up day it will be. Handy, but I never pressed the “Task Completed ” before. When I did, I was tickled.

This is not an endorsement, BTW, just an amusement.

Nose to glass

The annual Drawing Show wasn’t open yet, when I pressed my camera to the window, but it will be today (Wednesday).

Saturday afternoon will be the most fun day, and there’s usually wine and cheese from The Pantry.

For my art fix today, I went over to see Gwynne Giles who was working in his Upper Gerrard studio. He was producing one of his new works, with black backgrounds and carefully balanced and coloured geometric shapes. Think De Stijl, although Giles began painting in his style before he knew of that art movement.

Hard edges taped , prepared to be painted

Gwynne didn’t want to be in a photo, and you can see his work better here, anyway. Our conversation turned to the small market for fine art and bankruptcies of galleries. Nevertheless, Gwynne Giles work has been selling for 10 years, now. It’s a hard slog, economically. It was ever so, but worse now than ever, Gwynne said, quoting Liz Russ of Studio 888.

The next Giles showing will be at The Artist Project  –  Booth 117 – Exhibition Place – Toronto, February 21–24.

Little Christmas arrivals

Little Christmas is a nickname given to January 7th by orthodox Christians, to distinguish it from the other one. Danica’s heritage is partly Serbian.

Hand painted birds by Sharry

A whole flock of birds flew in a few hours ago, by Canada Post, and landed in our tree. Where else?

All different species, looking bright-eyed and colourful in spite of a long flight from Salmo, B.C., up in the Kootenay Rockies. Thanks, Joni. Good timing.

The Bazaar has a better idea

Bullets flew along Queen near Woodbine yesterday.

We don’t need bullet holes in East End Toronto, we need Glory Hole Doughnuts … and so it shall be. A new shop is being readied, next door to the Swag Sisters Toy Store on Gerrard East, a few doors west of Coxwell.

New shop interior is underway.

Swag Sisters Toy Store sells ice cream cones in warm weather and Sanagan’s Meat Locker is a gem. What’s not to love?

Shot from The Pantry side of the street. Say cheese!!!
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