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Bombay ⇢ Mumbai House ⇢ ?

mumbaiThe restaurant very properly updated its name when Bombay renamed itself. I noted the For Sale sign today.

Perhaps the gentleman who ran the restaurant is retiring. Danica and I ate there only once, invited by a friend who lives nearby. The food was very good, the ambience pleasant and the service polite. Another friend asked me about the place, concerned because he never saw anyone in there. I assumed that they did mostly take-out business.

Anyway, that appears to be over now. Will it continue as a restaurant or become something else entirely? Time will tell.

Seen at the Wine Swine

swineThe fiberglass sculpture outside the newish “Gastro Pub” on Eastern seems embarrassed to be seen leaving a place called the Wine Swine. Understandable, no?

But wait. There’s history here. The sculpture predates the present business. It was there when the place was Le Papillion on the Park. (The French restaurant closed, perhaps never recovering from the negative human rights publicity.)

The sculpture had a life before the Papillion, too. It stood outside a Front Street restaurant named “Crooks”, next to the original Papillion Restaurant (which still exists). Crooks restaurant/bar was a joint venture started by Dan Ackroyd and a cop-buddy named Richard Crooks.

It’s fun to imagine how a name like Wine Swine came to be. Could it have popped out accidentally, in conversation?

“Is the house wine here any good?”
“WTF, wine’s wine.”

Look at Lloyd Cooke

camino bird

Camino Sylvestre Bird doesn’t represent a completely new direction in Lloyd Cooke’s work but it does reflect new developments that I really like. Graphic simplicity enriched with Lloyd’s signature dash and splash looseness. The colours are bright and confident, too.

Facebook users can see more of Lloyd’s work here.

Something new at Vintage Hunter

Debbie Facey has developed a Silent Auction idea to offer small items for small prices and pass the money on to the food bank down the street.


There is a second room at the the back of the Vintage Hunter shop. Did you know that? There you will find the Silent Auction case and a place to write your bid.

The idea grew out of a success Debbie had, putting out a table of “smalls”, selling them for a dollar or two and giving the money to the food bank. The amount raised was worthwhile, but the table took up too much space. The Silent Auction case has taken its place. Have a look. It’s not often you’ll find anything new at Vintage Hunter.


The golden figure isn’t an auction item, but it was in the back room, demanding to be photographed. Observe the screwdriver handle sticking out of the belly.

A big link from Ulli

After a catch-up Facetime call with Crawf and Ulli last night, Ulli sent this Colossal link.

colossalThe watermelon surprise is part of a Things Organized Neatly post.

There is a lot of good stuff on the site, but the picture below made me wince and think “OH, NO!”, for a second. I took it for one of those 3D drawing illusions that might entice cyclists into a nasty crash.

Relax, Bill. The tunnel is real.

The story is about the tile artwork that lines the tunnel.


A plug for fresh pita

The Adonis Supermarket contains a great, big pita-making machine, right in the middle of the bright, spacious store. It operates inside that aluminum and glass box in the photo. Pita doesn’t come any fresher.


Adonis has also provided first jobs for Syrian refugees who are adapting to their new home in Canada, so that’s another plus. We arrived in the afternoon while the equipment was being cleaned. To see the pitas coming off the line, go in the morning. For now, here’s a look from an online clip.