Out in the Beach Hill bush

The Williamson Park ravine is green enough to be pleasant, but not yet so overgrown that it’s dark and buggy. I really like the natural state of the paths through here. It recalls the days when I was a kid, playing in the bush. More fun than a tended park. Much better.

It seems quiet down there, but there’s plenty of drama. Look at the size of some of the downed trees. Many of them block the path… recent falls. Pathways have been made by use, but they are muddy in places. Bridges have been improvised with fallen timbers or old planks. Watch your balance!

Talk about living on the edge. Some very precarious-looking structures prop up garden gazebos and decks along the top rim.

Locals have made trails and even log stairs and stepping stones, so access is easier than it would be in a real bush, but the feel is there. We should have more spaces like this in the city. Maybe we do, and I just don’t know about them.