Our Gwynne Giles neighbourhood

An upcoming eye exam prompted me to post these photos, taken earlier this year. Danica is posing with a delightful, unmistakable Gwynne Giles painting that we discovered in the doorway of my optometrist’s office, last time we were there.


Next, we see Gwynne posing for me beside a small painting he displayed at the Flying Pony. The house is Gwynne’s Beach Hill studio on Upper Gerrard. See the painting hanging? It is in the glassed-in porch where Gwynne can often be seen working.

Giles paintings have evolved, from highly stylized, clever and imaginative renderings of subjects (boats, street scenes, flags, streetcars, people) to pure abstraction. Colour balance and composition are his thing, now. The De Stijl movement is his aesthetic home. He was a member of that family before he knew it existed.

Although Gwynne Giles began painting late in life, he is an artist to be taken seriously. He sells for good prices and shows in high-end exhibitions. He is a diligent craftsman who works methodically, in stages from initial drawings, through mock-ups, to finished paintings. Each one takes many, many hours to complete.

Learn about his journey into the arts.