Oomomo and the Asian Legend

Great title for a post, but Danica prepared me to be underwhelmed by Oomomo. It’s a dollar store, after all … and though “Japanese”, most of the labels I looked at said “Made in China”, “Made in Malaysia”, and so on.

In a newish mall at Don Mills and Barber Greene Roads … near Eglinton construction. 🙁

Pretty much any dollar store has inexpensive Asian stuff for sale. Oomomo is not different, but it’s big and bright. We thought we might have found an alternative to goods manufactured in China, while China is being tough on Canada. Nope. We may as well do Dollarama. At least it’s a Canadian chain.

Same mall, better find.

The Asian Legend served dinner to the Colombo family as JRC and Ruth celebrated their 60th anniversary there recently. Their reviews are good and pre-anniversary research had revealed that this place serves the best real Chinese food south of Markham.

A peek inside, from the front door, as the lunch crowd was just beginning to arrive.

For Canadian content, here is the front of the one and only Tilley retail outlet for that famous travel gear … hats, vests, pants and all. One pair of pants I looked at was tagged $180. Danica assumes that hemming is included, at that price.

Next door to Asian Legend. Inside is a very big space, filled with everything Tilley makes.

2 thoughts on “Oomomo and the Asian Legend”

  1. Hemming is included. And the pants are worth the money. Comfy, long lasting, iron in the shower. With secret pockets for those thumb drives you really want to smuggle.

  2. Thanks, Brian. Good information. We should keep that secret pocket under our hat, eh? Tilley hat, of course. It has a secret pocket, too.

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