Oli Goldsmith at the Flying Pony

Oli Goldsmith is a Pop Surrealist now exhibiting at the Flying Pony Gallery/Café, where proprietor/artist Andrew Horne displays art by others whose work he likes. Often it is challenging stuff, and I value that.

Below is a detail from one of the jam-packed, mixed-media, resin-coated collages I was sitting beneath yesterday, while having a cup of coffee.

I didn’t get visual pleasure from the busy, somewhat crusty-looking pieces and I’m not temperamentally inclined to spend a lot of time rummaging through jumbles of bits and bobs looking for … what, anyway?

But having been introduced to the work of Port Hope’s Mr Goldsmith, I pressed on and was rewarded with something I found very interesting and filled with potential … handmade, artist concoctions of surreal landscapes, fed into virtual reality (VR) software.


What I like is the rebellious counterstrike of the idea. Goldberg twists the technology to his own purposes, exploiting the fantasy of virtual reality. There’s nothing real about it at all.

“Stills” examples from which Goldsmith makes his VR pieces.

The VR stuff has given me a way into Goldsmith’s work, I hope. I see him now as related to 20th century Dadaists like Marcel Duchamp, but using the vocabulary and technology of our day.

Now, perhaps, I will be willing to give more attention to the pieces at the Flying Pony. They are up until April 29th.

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