Old news to me

She’s tireless in working for the environment, but my sister Joni is not one to blow her own horn. I just found out about this and asked for pictures.

Twenty six years have passed since Joni received a Governor General’s Award for her community work. She helped to get a park established and opened up trails for public use.

So this is a shoutout to Ray Hnatyshyn for recognizing Joni. He was Canada’s Governor General in 1992. One for for young David Suzuki, too,  who followed up with a postcard.

I asked Joni about Suzuki’s reference to “Walker’s statements” and she replied:

“He was disgusted that US researchers left a Grizzly trap when they left Canada.
A bear was caught and died as a result. There was a conference about it that I filmed.”


2 thoughts on “Old news to me”

  1. Wow, this is NEW old news! So happy to see you have received recognition so early on. A hearty congratulations to you Joni.

    I know you were active long before this, and you continue to support environmental issues long after your GG award. You get my sincerest thank you for that.

    You are amazing!

    • thank you so much

      I’m grateful for kind words from you and Bill.
      Acknowledgement to all my helpers in all directions; sky and earth.

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