Old meets new: Crunch!

If it weren’t for bad luck, the TTC wouldn’t have any luck at all. Today’s Queen’s Quay crunch is especially embarrassing. The older car tried to turn before the new, super-long streetcar had cleared the intersection.

Danica foresees disaster when the long cars try to cross the Lakeshore at Leslie. If Queen’s Quay says anything, she’s going to be right. TTC. Toronto Traffic Crime.

So how many of the showpiece streetcars were we supposed to have running by Pan Am Games time? Fifty? How many has Bombardier managed to deliver? Five or six? Well, scratch one.

The funny thing is seeing TTC vehicles unable to negotiate the new Queen’s Quay route. I have been watching the chaos caused by confused car drivers. Somehow the traffic experts have created a mess on our newly celebrated waterfront way. Don’t they make little models or something before they pour the concrete?

“Kissing cars” photo by CBC