OhDee goes on public display

Ohdee was the logo/mascot for ODNT Creative Services (Old Dogs New Tricks),  a little advertising boutique that Paul Royko and I opened in the 1990s. Paul was an avid woodworker as well as a clever copywriter. He crafted a 3D version of my “scribble dog” to hang on our office wall.


I took OhDee home when I closed the office after Paul’s untimely death. He was barely 52 when esophageal cancer took him out. OhDee lived on my office wall at home for 17 years until the discovered cache of Helen Andersen paintings made our wall space scarce. OhDee graciously made way for Helen’s art, but storage where he wouldn’t be seen didn’t seem right. We thought about a possible new home and Danica’s idea proved perfect.

We dropped in to see Karen Schiavone at her Barkside Bistro on Gerrard Street East. OhDee would be happy there. What dog wouldn’t? All natural, raw, healthy, dog food! When Karen saw OhDee’s picture on my iPad, she loved him. Surprise bonus: Karen has a background in the advertising business. Meant to be.

So OhDee is now greeting customers at the Barkside Bistro, 1125 Gerrard Street East. Thanks, Karen, for giving him a new lease on life.

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    • Thank you, Kathy. Your confirmation is much appreciated. We think it’s great that Paul’s work will be on view for lots of dog lovers. I put a label on the back, noting Paul as the maker and the ODNT connection.

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