4 thoughts on “Odd enough?”

  1. We had a neighbour who used to do that until Jolanta took the bags to the offenders house, knocked on the door and said “here, these are yours, you left them on our property, don’t do it again”. Worked in that case.

  2. Details matter.
    The dog bags break down, but are not made of bamboo. Molecules of plastic still enter the water system.

    (I just found out that some Epsom salts contain arsenic, so there is a boycott at a Nelson Ellison’s store)

  3. Interesting that dog bags decompose. I hope they hold together long enough for my neighbour’s message to be acted upon! Very rude dog owner.

    We have another belligerent woman in the area who walks two dogs, on leashes. She holds the leash of one dog while the other dogs wanders, dragging its leash behing. The woman dutifully picks up after the dog who’s leash she holds, but is oblivious to the doings of the wandering dog that is crapping in gardens and on lawns.

    When I mentioned to her that both dogs should be on leash, she told me, “They are on leashes!” She doesn’t care that she’s supposed to be holding the other ends. Two dogs being walked by an odd duck. Wildlife in Toronto.

    Arsenic in epsom salts, eh? Are they running low on melamine in China?

  4. I experienced a similar problem growing up in the burbs. Neighbour with 2 small “cat-like dogs” continued to exercise non-compliance after several polite requests/reminders. Their cuties loved our front yard, probably because the grass was so nice. Anyways, the good neighbour thing fell on deaf ears so we were left with only one solution: save the waste production generated by our 2 adult Labs over 2 weeks from the adjacent dog run. I seem to remember about 4 full newspaper bags we delivered one beautiful summer night. I don’t think they even walked the dogs past our house after that.

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