New Painting Show up at GAS

I haven’t been yet, but the works of 22 artists are already up. Reception is Saturday, April 8th, 3pm – 6pm and everyone is welcome.

GERRARD ART SPACE 1475 Gerrard St. E. Open Wednesday – Sunday, 2pm – 7pm

See if anyone you know is exhibiting:
Marilyn Couto, Joanna Strong, Patricia Hennessy, Iuliana Barbu, Ginny Fanthome, Osvaldo Napoli, Maren Boedeker, Olga Philip, Suzanne Robitaille, Dyvie Aquino, Paul Koskinen, Sophie Creelman, Bev Quinn, Anne-Marie Olczak, Joe Rivera, Cherie Daly, Sara Craig, Dahlia Sawwan, Jerome Evola, Corynn Kokolakis, Kyle Yip and Elviga Sebris.