New and old


While I was down at Front and Church today, I noticed this view of the LTower, still with its crane, but nearing completion. The juxtaposition with the Gooderham flatiron building was irresistible.

ltowerIf you are wondering about the name LTower, the picture will explain. There is no space between the L and the T because that would be ordinary and this is a very up-market piece of architecture. Penthouses in such towers are not put up for sale. Oh no. They are “released”. Oh, yes.

Daniel Libeskind designed the LTower. He also did “that iceberg crashing into that museum” (Leonard Cohen’s description of the ROM Crystal). See live webcam shot below.

The tower soars over the O’KeefeHummingbird … Sony Centre, cutting a distinctive figure on the skyline. The silhouette even looks like a knife.

This webcam has been issuing pictures of the ROM “iceberg” from the top of the Hyatt Hotel on Bloor for at least 7 years … an eternity in internet time.