My sister is in a BC flood zone

Joni’s place is a stone’s throw from Erie Creek, where high, fast waters are racing to the swollen Salmo River. She has been keeping us posted since the evacuation alert was issued in Salmo, BC, 4 days ago.

The evacuation alert has since been lifted and the community is hopeful that the river banks will hold. Everyone, young and old, has been out sandbagging danger spots. Joni has sandbags at her door and her car is packed, just in case.

Heavy rains haven’t helped, but Joni reports that everyone has been pulling together. I’ll come back to this post when the danger has passed, soon I hope.

[UPDATE] Joni writes that the danger is passing. The army has left to help in Grand Forks, where flooding was extensive. Joni’s place is surrounded by sandbags and a plastic barrier. Cautious optimism is the word.

2 thoughts on “My sister is in a BC flood zone”

  1. Salmo school children have been wonderful helpers!

    Old hwy worker says the tiny streams are beginning to slow from up the mountain. One more night of rain, fingers crossed.

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