My Memory Lane contribution

One of the Nuit Blanche themes tonight is Memory Lane, so I thought, “Why not?”


This is a 1960-something felt marker sketch that Gordon “Kit” Thorne dashed off in our back yard in Vancouver. It is a winter scene. See the little tracks in the snow? The figure is a heroic scale female nude sculpture I created in reinforced cement, dyed black. I was in my teens at the time, impressed with the work of Gaston Lachaise and, of course, with nude females in general.

kitI’ve mentioned “Kit” Thorne on this blog before and I am fortunate to have some small examples of his works on paper … things that were in my mother’s collection. The more I look at Kit’s work, the more I appreciate his skill.

Kit was an “old fashioned” artist in the psychedelic 60s, ignored by the local tastemakers of the day. None of that matters now. We can simply enjoy Kit’s work for it’s spontaneity and grace.

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