Monarch Park revisited

Yesterday I took a photo from the same position that I shot from in April. The big tent is off for the summer and the facility is open to the public, free of charge.


This tenting and untenting seems to be a successful example of a public-private partnership (3P, in bureaucratese). A company has teamed with the school to make the facility useable all year around, profiting from entry fees during the tented months. Some of that revenue returns to the school. During good weather months, the facility reverts to public use.


While perusing the literature table in the front office, an attendant asked “Can I help you?” with a suspicious look that made the question’s meaning seem to be “What are you doing here?”. Am I delusional or are security fears becoming part of everyday life? Media hype and political maneuvering seem to be having widespread effect. A brief conversation with a woman on the sidewalk the other day revealed that she wanted to keep the Conservatives in office because she was afraid of ISIS.