Merchants of Green Coffee

Thanks for the tip, Pamela! Your favourite coffeehouse is probably ours too, now that we know about it. I took a picture of your favourite cat Luna.  She’s in the slide show.

The first slides introduce the neighbourhood, just north of Queen East and right alongside the DVP. Joel Weeks Park is relatively new and contains some nice little animal sculptures. The vicinity around the Merchant of Green Coffee is interesting enough to rate a post of its own.

It was love at first sight when we entered the coffeehouse. Great old factory ambience, big, strong beams and industrial strength flooring. Relaxed, comfortable, airy and spacious.

Then, the coffee! Fresh roasted this morning. Each cup custom ground and brewed. Our two cups were given to us in a carafe. When I went to add our usual milk, a customer said, “It’s worthwhile to try the coffee first, before you put anything in it”. I took the advice and Danica and I were VERY pleased with the smooth, full-bodied flavour of the Costa Rican brew we’d chosen. Plain and simple, these people know coffee. My cup was the best I’ve ever tasted and the price was only $3.00.

We split a fresh-baked pumpkin muffin in an attempt to improve on perfection. I think we succeeded. Obviously, we will return often to the Merchants of Green Coffee and we’ll be bringing friends. It’s within easy reach by bicycle, too. We can take the Lakeshore/Don Valley cycle paths and carry our bikes up the stairs to Queens Street. Wonderful find!

Luna, BTW, is the coffeehouse cat. She is a good mouser. We also met and chatted with Charles, an amiable craftsman with space in the building. Among other things he makes medieval swords and weapons … good ones, actually used by enthusiasts to recreate the old fighting techniques. Oh, and the Jam Factory part of the name that you may have noticed in the slides? The piano on the 2nd floor is a hint. It’s that kind of jamming, not the jams and jellies kind. The big, open space is also used for scheduled life drawing classes.

More info here.