Max MacDonald at GAS

It is reception day for Max MacDonald’s solo show at GAS. This show is different, in many ways.

1475 Gerrard Street East Toronto — Hours: Wed-Sun 2pm-7pm/Mon-Tues CLOSED

When  I first saw Max MacDonald work 7 years ago, it was all handmade pieces of art, in different sizes and textures. This time, there is a significant departure that addresses a major art issue: digital reproduction. Each same-size image is a hybrid of handmade art scanned, modified with software and printed on acid free paper in archival inks. Each work is printed only once (an edition of one) and priced at $140. 

There is a lot to see!

I enjoy MacDonald’s abstracts, but I’m pleased that this show is full of subject matter and I love his flare with figures. Max MacDonald was the first artist to have a one-man show at GAS, in the building that is now the home of Vintage Baby (post below).

Aptly, GAS has mounted the show in a different way, too. The white walls hide 3 new coats of magnetic paint, so the paper pieces can be held in place with  rare-earth magnets. Much slicker than pushpins and kinder to the walls.