Matt Wood’s Shred Everything Show

Shred Everything is taken quite literally in some paintings. Textures are made of shredded financial records, neatly putting money and fine art on the same plane.

Details from two paintings, textured with paint-saturated shreds of old tax records.

This show emphasizes destructive renewal as a creative process, reworking the “shrapnel” of accumulated work that the artist wished to free himself from. His “Chop Chop” series uses sawn “tiles” of textured paint on board made from work “once loved, half loved or unloved”.

Chop Chop 4, 2019, mixed media on plywood. $195

There are 35 pieces on display, so plenty to see … and buy. There are a few unframed works on paper with bright colours, collaged patterns and a nice, loose feel that I like a lot. They can be had for as little as $145. Top price for the largest major piece is $1450 and there are two more large pieces priced at $1250.

Variety is a key characteristic of the show. Large, small, wood, canvas and paper, colour and texture.

I nearly missed the assemble-your-own opportunity in the basement studio. I’m glad I found it, because the idea is terrific and very engaging. The artist has cut some of his older pieces into uniform blocks (MDF or plywood) so that buyers can fit them together according to their own tastes. I think each block was $25 plus a small charge to have then glued up on a substrate after the show. They will then be ready to hang … no frame necessary.

A well received idea: Assemble your own painting from blocks of former Matt Wood pieces.

Matt Wood’s reuse of materials is driven primarily by intuitive, personal impulses but he is very much in the spirit of the times, isn’t he? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Do go see Shred Everything. Directions and times are in the post below.