Matt Wood: Gerrard Art Space

Thin Scrims/Meanwhile Everything  September 7 – 25.  Gerrard Art Space.
Reception 3:00 – 6:00.  Sunday, September 11th.

matt-wood-danicaDanica stands beside her favourite piece.

Matt Wood is showing 18 works, many quite large,  notable for rich textures, layers and colours. Danica and I went before the reception, to have a look when the room wasn’t crowded.

The title of the show is somewhat enigmatic, but I know “scrims” as thin, gauzy screens used in theatre sets and for lighting effects in photography studios. You can see through scrims, as you can through the layers Wood builds up, one upon another.

matt-woodPale Valley with Shroud    Media: acrylic, oil, tape

I gravitated toward the one above because the use of materials stood out. Slats of paper and blue painter’s tape create a venetian blind effect, framing and revealing a painted abstraction that reminds me of a map. I like the light colours and brushiness of the painting, but also the way the “real” materials seem more impermanent than the painted part.

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  1. I should have recognized the paper slats in the piece above, but it wasn’t until I spoke with Matt Wood that I learned what they were. Strips of drywall tape.

    Innovative! I like.

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