Matt Wood at Gerrard Art Space

The name of the TotalShiftShow does more than reveal Matt Wood’s sense of humour, it makes appropriate reference to shifts in direction that the artist has made in these recent works. I like where he is going. Public response to this show is going to be positive, to judge by remarks Danica and I overheard today.

All of the textures and layering that I associate with Wood is still there, but the substrates now include canvas as well as plywood. There are 20 pieces in the show, some quite large, others smaller, as you see in my photo. Prices range from as little as $300 to a maximum of $1500.

It’s hard to photograph Wood’s work and do it justice. You really have to see them for real to appreciate the richness of colour and depth. In this show, there is a bold, confidently loose use of brushwork that appeals to me. Colour combinations are both unexpected and successful. There is also variety. No cookie-cutter repetition, here. Each piece has it’s own character. Technique shifts, too, between pieces.

A detail from one of the larger pieces shown above.

Now that Gerrard Art Space has finally got me trained to expect receptions to fall on Saturday, this one will happen on Sunday. Nevertheless, the turnout will probably be good, because Matt Wood has earned an enthusiastic following.