Massey Hall: Plasketts, father and son

An earlier post cites our connection with Bill Plaskett. I’ll jump right into our evening last night at Massey Hall. Photos were a no-no, but everyone was snapping with their phones, so I allowed myself one (poor) shot of the performers.

 Elliott Brood opened with blow-your-ears-out amplification. Danica already liked the group and was delighted that the show would include them. Bonus!

I was able to remove my improvised kleenex earplugs to enjoy the main event, Bill and Joel Plaskett on their Solidarity Tour. As I watched Bill perform with his famous son Joel on the stage of venerable Massey Hall, I was filled with wonder. Would I ever have dreamt that I’d been here, taking all this in, when I listened to Bill and my sister Joni sing at our place in Vancouver, over 40 years ago? Not in a million years.

The night was fantastic. Three hours of happiness, with the best part coming after the crowd brought everyone back for an extended encore. We were all on our feet, clapping, singing along and keeping the beat. Total success.

We’ll be able to review the whole performance when it goes online as one of the Live at Massey Hall films (free). I’ll give you a heads-up when it is posted.

3 thoughts on “Massey Hall: Plasketts, father and son”

  1. That’s a good idea, Joni, but you may have to wait for a while, until they rest up from this big tour. It’s still going on and winds up with a big homecoming show in Halifax.

    I was impressed by Bill’s voice and energy at the show we saw. They were working very hard, but seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as we were.

  2. Fun date Bill, thanks. It was a super great concert and I loved being in the legendary Massey Hall – what a comfy venue!

    The Plaskett’s and their talent team were spectacular…so many fans, including me, big time!

    And a treat to see Elliot Brood as the opening act, I took a shine to them years ago with ‘The Bridge’ song, a tune with video graphic about the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor & Detroit, the stomping grounds of my rock & roll youth.

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