Marcus Berns and Ethel Shoul at GAS

There was a good turnout and a steady turnover of visitors to the retrospective show this afternoon, at Gerrard Art Space. If my slides emphasize examples of Berns sculpture, that reflects a personal bias toward the art form. Ethel Shoul’s collage-drawing-prints appeal, too, in a different way that’s expressive, narrative and abstract, all at the same time.

Opening slide: Smiles from Danica and Marcus Berns

Connecting the dots … I have been waiting for a while to meet Marcus Berns, having admired his representational piece at GAS for at least a year. Marcus knows sculptors Gord Smith (to whom I was introduced by Joanne Filletti, founder of GAS) and Avron Mintz, who collaborates with Gord on projects. Coincidentally, Marcus is a longtime family friend of our neighbours across the street. We met Lisa on her way to the show. I think her Mom was already there.

To cap the connections, our just-elected MPP was in attendance. Rima Berns-McGowan is the daughter of Marcus Berns.

The show will be up until June 24th. Hours and location, here.

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  1. In conversation with Ethel Shoul, I learned that she took up visiting the zoo to draw monkeys when she was made to feel uncomfortable drawing children. “Monkeys don’t care if you draw them,” she said.

    I have been creeped out by petty officialdom, prevented from photographing people, including kids, on an outdoor skating rink. That this irrational anxiety has extended to impinge on an artist drawing is troubling. Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

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