Lunch at the St. Lawrence Market

Lunch was just a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese from the Future Bakery counter, but it was the FRESHEST bagel I have ever eaten. Delicious. The coffee was good, too. I even got a café table, which was great because the place was bustling.

I have included shots to show the exterior of the main market and the big, “temporary” tent that will soon hold the farmer’s market and Sunday antiques market. By June 1st, the North market will be closed and the tent south of the big building will take over. It’s at Lower Jarvis and The Esplanade.

What will happen to the old North Market building? Wrecking ball. It’s being replaced with a new, 4 storey building. When complete, the markets will move back in on the ground floor. Plans for the upper floors are still sketchy but no condo residences. Community activity spaces are favoured and perhaps innovative startups.

3 thoughts on “Lunch at the St. Lawrence Market

  1. Thanks for the explanation on the bjg tent at St Lawrence mkt. I drive by it every week and was always intrigued since it appeared to be temporary, but was substantial enough to be permanent.
    Also like the slde show format and the coverages of Janes walk

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