Looking forward to this one

Over the last 6 years, Joanne Filletti has done a remarkable job of making the Gerrard Art Space that she created into the active, eclectic, welcoming place it has become. Now it’s time to see some of her personal artistic accomplishments on display.

Subtle white text across the middle says “perception is everything”.

From the show’s write-up, I am expecting to see life drawings scaled up from sketchbook sizes to bigger renderings. “Squaring up” is a classic, mechanical technique that dates back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Of course, it requires no whiz-bang digital wizardry, just the patient application of simple rules.

Ms Filletti has been drawing from life for 35 years, beginning with anatomy study at the University of Guelph and continuing most Sundays at GAS. For all this experience, her approach remains investigative and effortful, not facile or slick.

Size is important in art. That is part of the reason that viewing reproductions gives such a misleading impression of real works. Scaling small drawings up, no matter how accurately, changes them. Weaknesses are revealed. What I hope to see is how these problems are resolved, to see original sketches along with their enlargements. Will I get my wish? I’ll know in a week.