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Now that I’ve stopped ranting about politicians (for a while), you are in a haven from commerce and Big Bad Media Hype. This is where you find out that it has suddenly gotten quite warm in Toronto, but our trees are leafy enough to afford us shade.


The foot of our hill on Eastwood. Norway Cemetery is on the right. Talk about peaceful!

I like this colourful outcropping on Upper Gerrard. It is the studio of painter Gwynne Giles. His work appeals to me, and not just because he began to paint seriously in his 60s.


Giles has developed a distinctive style and solid technique. Not one for starving in a garret, he paints in the glassed-in porch of his studio/home. He exhibits his work regularly in juried shows and sells his bright, witty pieces for good prices.


Just a closer look. Gwynne wasn’t painting when I passed by, but he often is.


Last bit of local news … a contraflow bike lane has just opened up on one-way Dixon Avenue. Cyclists used to have to break the rules for a block, when their cycle path ended at Kingston Road and Dundas. There was no legal way to reach side streets needed to get down to the lake and the Martin Goodman Trail.

Our councillor estimates the cost of “installation” between Kingston Road and Woodbine at $10 a metre. Worth it? I have no opinion.

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  1. Love that picture of the little paved trail between Normandy & Eastwood. I walk it all the time and never look properly to see how dreamy it is…sometimes we need blinkers!

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