Live to be 300, the Direct Energy way

Calculate time the way Direct Energy does and it stretches marvellously! “We will get back to you within 48 hours” gets an add-on; “that’s actually 48 to 72 business hours”.  So, in Direct Energy’s universe, it takes 3 Earth days for 24 hours to pass. Time stands still on weekends, so 72 business hours will always take 9 Earth days to pass plus two weekend days. Seventy-two hours equals at least 11 days … more if a there’s statutory holiday  in the calculation.


This is our seventh month of wrestling for our refunds for Direct Energy overbilling. We had them remove their cursed water heater in January, but the charges kept coming. It’s July now, and we still aren’t done with this awful company.

My advice is to avoid ever doing business with Direct Energy in the first place. If you are already in their tentacles, escape IS possible, with perseverance. Cut them off and you will save a lot of money.