Little Prince moves on

I was given this copy of The Little Prince over 30 years ago, by a kind lady who intimated that it was not really a book just for children.

little-prince-on-quiltOne of Danica’s log cabin quilts made a nice background.

When a friend said recently that he had not read The Little Prince but wanted to, I decided to reread it and pass it on. It’s a strange little book by an author whose life and death were mysterious, too.

The book’s suggested messages are clear and widely enough accepted to make the story a classic. Parts of the metaphor don’t reach me, but they do make a reader ponder, and feel.

The Little Prince is out of copyright in Canada, available here as a free PDF download.

3 thoughts on “Little Prince moves on”

  1. Dear Bill,

    The Little Prince is my favorite book whole my life. Great that you posted it because everybody needs to read this book, in my opinion.

    Like your other blogs, interesting and great photos, specially with Danica

    much love,

  2. Thank you for your blog visit, Visnja, and especially for leaving your comment. The Little Prince is one of the classics. I’m glad I mentioned your favourite.

    I just finished reading a novel by Rohinton Mistry, set in Bombay (Mumbai). It is called Family Matters, is very well written and paints a vivid picture of Bombay as it was in the last half of the 20th century. I think you would enjoy it, especially with your considerable experience of life in India.

  3. Hey Bill,

    here I am again at your interesting blog. Yes, I have been in Bombay in one of my many visits to India.
    I have to admit that I am not reading any more as I use to do it 15 years ago.
    Watching movies became my thing. Which is very different, I agree but if get back to reading novels again I will put Family Matters on my list , just because I trust your taste for a good book.

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