Liked the sign, but not the food

I should have known better than to take a friend to a restaurant I hadn’t tried, especially on her birthday. Sorry, Deborah.


That visit was over a year ago and the restaurant in “Little India” has since gone out of business. I thought I’d capture the best thing about the place before a new tenant replaces the sign.


The idea of hakka food (Indian Chinese) was appealing and there were plenty of positive Yelp reviews but only the one bad review was accurate. The food was NOT good and the restaurant’s fate was inevitable.

hakka-wowLet’s try this again.
Danica loves spicy and I can handle a bit, so I am intrigued by a notice posted in a window a block east of the defunct 5 Spices, on Lower Gerrard. Looks like we’ll soon have a new local place for Indian Style Chinese Cuisine.

This time, we’ll try it first, before we invite anyone else to join us there.