Jubilee Cakes to Budapest

Beach Hill’s rather mysterious Jubilee Cakes is being transformed into a Hungarian restaurant to be called Budapest.

The old bakery seemed to be frozen in time. Was it ever open for business? The sign offering sandwiches for $2.50 seems to belong to another era, that’s for sure. I never saw anyone in there, neither baker nor buyers.

So the bakery is not a loss and the new restaurant is promising. Budapest is the creation of a pair of Beach Hill entrepreneurs who have already made a success of City Jug Milk, our local corner store. Edit Csomo and Lorie Ditchon know how to run a business.

I am documenting the transformation of the building, which involves a complete gutting of the old space. Everything is new, including the plumbing, wiring, ductwork and kitchen. A friendly working contractor named Darrin was happy to show us around but didn’t want to be in photos himself. Darrin is very well regarded in the neighbourhood. He knows his stuff and certainly doesn’t need a plug. He’s got more work offers than he can take.

The space looks narrow, and it is … but wait! There are plans! At present, the space next door is in use as a site office by the construction company building the Beach Hill condo next door. As soon as the condo is far enough along, the site office will move into it and the restaurant space can double.


Lorie and Edit are on target for a July opening. They plan to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Danica and I look forward to being customers. Meanwhile, I’ll go back for more photos as things develop.


Black monolith reference