Joanne Filletti’s big drawing show

I got my wish and then some! In my earlier post, I hoped that I would see a Joanne Filletti sketch enlarged, using the squaring up technique she highlights with the title of her show: Gridlines.

My little photos can’t convey the monumental surprise you experience when you open the door at Gerrard Art Space. It’s terrific. I must ask Ms Filletti if she has done sculpture. She draws like a sculptor.

The small sketch that informs the large one is on the adjacent wall, which is absolutely filled with Filletti life drawings. She works hard. Some of the sketches have pose times noted. Ten minutes putting down so many marks must be intense.

Do go look. The show exceeds my expectations and that giant drawing on the wall is a brilliant demonstration. It has been drawn directly on the wall in graphite, conte and charcoal and will be painted away after the show. Monumental-ephemeral I’ll call it.

You can buy one of the small sketches for as little as $30 and have it matted and framed yourself. There is an opening reception today (Saturday, March 17) between 3:00 and 6:00 pm. [MAP]