Jane’s Walk: Number One


A Culinary Tour of East Danforth with tour guide Phil Pothen and co-leader Elise Aymer (both of whom did a very good job). Ably assisted by volunteers Janet Masching and Danning Liao.

Danica and I have walked and shopped this stretch of the Danforth often and for many years, so we were pleasantly surprised to learn things we’d missed. We started at the deservedly famous Royal Beef artisanal butcher, just west of Woodbine and walked, zigzagging back and forth across the Danforth, up to Victoria Park. The 2.5 hour tour was, to be honest, too long for my tastes, but there is so much to talk about along there, it’s hard to edit.

Biggest surprises? Cornish pasties in a variety of flavours, haggis, and completely new, an Icelandic bakery. Hey, that’s my people! The baker closed his shop in Gimli, Manitoba (Canada’s oldest Icelandic community) and opened on the Danforth. We might have the only Icelandic bakery in the country. Today was a talking day, not a shopping day, so I’ll be back.

Less surprising but gratifying nevertheless is the supply of global foodstuffs available. China, Philippines, India, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Caribbean, Poland and yes, Scotland with its haggis and England with venerable Duckworth’s fish and chips.

The whole strip has been repaved, given new sidewalks and tree wells with tiny saplings that need time. The diesel busses between Main and Vic Park are dirty, smelly and loud, though. That needs fixing.

2 thoughts on “Jane’s Walk: Number One

  1. They had some very interesting samples like ‘Injera’, the Ethiopian bread that looks like a sponge and a ‘banana flower’ that will be cut open for tomorrow’s walk. There’s also ‘Vincenzo’s’, an Italian grocery store that’s been in the same location forever. The guides did a very good job, I love the Jane’s Walks….more tomorrow?

  2. There was good information about unfamiliar grains, vegetables and beverages, too. What an amazing lot of good things there are to eat that I’ve never heard of, let alone tasted. Don’t have to go far to try some of it!

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