Irvine “upcycles” for the Pony

I am a fan of David Irvine’s “upcycled” thrift store paintings. I find them lighthearted, clever and a bit of a relief from art world pomposity.


Christians can be justly proud that Irvine is safe to lampoon a nativity scene. It is a compliment to tolerance that cannot be extended to some religious sects.

In the great tradition of church art carrying a message, Pony proprietor Andrew Horne alerts us to a new show. We should all go because, as David Irvine says, “Art is very serious!”

3 thoughts on “Irvine “upcycles” for the Pony

  1. Think you’re right. It is a Subway, a Roman Subway. Probably ordered up by Pontius Pilate. Think of it as the First Born Subway. Unlikely that it was made by a Jewish vendor. Not Kosher. Pretty sure I spy meat and cheese. Vive la controversial!

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