Invasive species needs killing

dog-strangling-vineA message has been circulated by Eleanor Nielsen of Greening Ward 32:

Dog-strangling vine

This weed is as bad as it sounds and is appearing throughout Beach Hill. It is the main infestation of the Beach Hill Garden on Woodbine, and is proving itself a formidable foe:

  • I see it in most gardens as I walk the streets.
  • It is approaching maturation for this year and will be releasing many seeds if present in your garden.
  • It is a foe of Monarch Butterflies
  • Please remove any you find on your property.

Here’s how you can get rid of it …

3 thoughts on “Invasive species needs killing

  1. When it was pointed out to me today, I noticed it has another distinguishing characteristic – it grow long, leafless tendrils (as do grape vines, but not curly). I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

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