Infill skyscapers coming?

There is one isolated super tower standing at Yonge and Gerrard in downtown Toronto. It is so tall that, from the city’s east side, I was sure it must be on our side of the Don River. No, it was farther away, just much bigger than I expected.


As you see, the Aura Condominium Complex leaves a large gap of sky space between itself and the bank towers to the south. My guess is that the gap will eventually be filled in with similarly tall buildings … perhaps not quite as tall, but close.

Further up Yonge, at Bloor, another condo super tower is already well along in construction. It is to acquire a super neighbour across the street, where Stollery’s is being demolished. That will create another gap in the Yonge Street sky space, between Aura and the Bloor/Younge towers. Surely that will be filled in, too.

Far to the north, Yonge and Eglinton appears as the next centre of skyscrapers. Mount Pleasant Cemetery will prevent infill building on one side of Yonge but the other side might be another story. (See how I didn’t make a pun there?) Anyway, there may come a time when Yonge Street, already the world’s longest street, also becomes it’s tallest.

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  1. Danica points out that the camera flattens the skyline deceptively. The CN Tower, for example. is farther away than the Aura Tower, so appears shorter than it is. Some multi-storey foreground buildings look taller than they are, because they are much closer than Yonge Street.

    For out-of-towners, Lake Ontario is to the left in the photo. Left is south.

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