Important show coming up

When I visited Gord Smith today, in advance of the big show opening at the Emily Harding Gallery on Thursday, Avron Mintz made a spontaneous bonus appearance. Avron and Gord collaborate on sculptures. Some of those will be exhibited along with Gord Smith pieces that span decades.

Gord is on the left.

If I wanted a photo showing two serious artists being serious, I wasn’t going to get it today. The visit was full of stories, artistic opinions and good humour.

The Emily Harding Gallery is itself showing a serious gift for recognizing winners. A lengthy exhibition of photography by Richard Johnson preceded this one of Gord Smith’s sculpture. for example. The gallery itself, I’ve heard, is something to see. Exciting!

Superall by Gord Smith, polished bronze. A unique form with 4 centres of gravity, discovered intuitively by the artist.

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