Housing? What about affordable painting?

John Robert Colombo called my attention to this 1991 painting by Peter Doig. It sold for around $12 million dollars at auction in 2013. The Toronto house in the picture sold for $5 million in 2010.

The Architect’s Home in the Ravine

When art becomes a toy for rich people, monetary value becomes meaningless, but prices still grab headlines.

Nonsense aside, I like the painting. It’s a deft rendering of a familiar visual experience in our city … screens of bare twigs and branches in front of sub-horizon views. In Vancouver, you look up to see the mountains. In Toronto, you look down into the ravines.

Thank you, JRC, for the item and your researched facts about the house: […] “designed and built in the modernist manner in the 1960s at 11 Beaumont Road in Toronto’s Rosedale Ravine by the architect Eberhard Zeidler for his family’s use.”

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