Hope for Beach Queen Street

Entrepreneurs running pop-up stores along the Beach Queen Street retail street deserve recognition for their efforts to make the strip interesting again.

It was a blow when Harold Zolte closed his ENDS store last year, after 35 years of clothing Beachers in bargains. Today, we were happy to see Harold’s cluster of stores reoccupied and active. Even the T-shirts are back.

The genial Tibetan gentleman selling from Harold’s old location drew my attention to a T shirt with appropriate words by the Dalai Lama. Beach merchants, Never give up.

1 thought on “Hope for Beach Queen Street”

    No matter what is going on
    Never give up
    Develop the heart
    Too much energy in your country
    Is spent developing the mind
    Instead of the heart
    Be compassionate
    Not just to your friends
    But to everyone
    Be compassionate
    Work for peace
    In your heart and in the world
    Work for peace
    And I say again
    Never give up
    No matter what is going on around you
    Never give up

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