Hiding in plain sight on Simcoe Street

I guess my gaze has usually been directed across the street to Arthur Erickson’s Roy Thomson Hall. Until today, I never noticed the sculptures flanking the entrance to the condo at 71 Simcoe Street. You can see the Roy Thomson reflection in the glass at the bottom of the picture.

lineal-orderLineal Order by George Boileau. Commissioned by Symphony Place Condominium

More than a sculpture, it’s an installation. Two bronze figures and an architectural motif on the wall, which includes a silhouette of the adult figure. The artist still teaches at OCAD. More about the sculptor, here.

I like its rather grim stillness and mystery. The adult figure has a “Waiting For Godot” quality, but repeating the figure as a little boy throws a curve. The condo porch acts as a stage. I wonder what it’s like to live there and pass those figures every day. Sobering, I imagine.

Oh, good. Mr. Boileau also did the sculpture of our magnificent Farley Mowat.