Hey! What happened to the roads?

Dundas East used to end in a Y intersection at Kingston Road. Cars had two ways to make a turn onto Kingston. Now, one arm of the Y has been landscaped for pedestrians and the roadway removed.


The same thing was done where Fairford meets Coxwell (below). I like the results, Danica has mixed feelings. She agrees that the intersections look nicer, but misses the traffic flow.


Physical controls seem to be winning over enforcement, as attempts are made to manage driver behaviour. Speed bumps are springing up like mushrooms.

Shortages of on-street parking space results in parking too close to corners, so intersection curbs are being reshaped to prevent that.

Replacing Y intersections with sidewalks and greenery also makes former shortcuts less effective. The aim is slower-moving automotive traffic … not a goal many drivers will agree with.