Here we go …

Eileen sent this today:

This is a copy of a letter that Carl sent to the editor of the Star Newspaper. We feel very strongly about this position and want to get the message out to as many people as possible. If you agree, please forward to friends and family…..not just in Canada but to those overseas as well.

4 thoughts on “Here we go …”

  1. It’s easy to know where BIG items like furniture, cars, appliances are from but the everyday items are harder to peg…

    The labels in my pantry are suspiciously vague. Our bottle of ‘Compliment’s’ brand ketchup says “100% Canadian” right on the front label, nice! A few items are marked “Product of USA” but most say “Imported By… (company name) with Canadian address. Food labelling regulations are ridiculous!

  2. I agree with Donna, that our labelling practices are (deliberately) vague, but we can figure out enough to make our point. Vacations are good choice, Carl.

    When U.S. voters realize that their taxes (which is what tariffs are) are being raised and their economic conditions worsened by moronic behaviour, they may fix the problem.

    Meanwhile, whether we call it isolationism or quarantine, the U.S. is less important now, as it withdraws from international commerce. The G6 may use the opportunity to improve and increase trade among themselves. If we can cooperate, we can prosper in new ways.

    Whether or not Trump is a Putin agent may never be determined, but Putin must be pleased with him.

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