Heat wave breaks, bikes come out

After a few days of being cooped up with the air conditioner, we were glad to get out in search of the Cabana Pool Bar that Danica has seen advertised on TV.

We found it within easy bicycle range, just off Cherry Street, with a spectacular view of the inner harbour and the downtown skyline. Guests would arrive later. Young, good-looking staff members were getting the place ready. Pop music played loudly, lyrics peppered with “F” bombs.

For your amusement, I am keying in the Cabana Pool Bar Dress Code. (I assume that my Joe Fresh labels qualify me.)

Sophisticated and casual chic beach attire


  • No jeans or cargo shorts / cargo pants
  • No athletic wear / sports wear /gym wear
  • No basketball shorts or jerseys
  • No camouflage
  • No offensive prints on clothing
  • No chains or baggy clothing
  • No doo rags
  • No high tops or boots
  • No gang paraphernalia

The Cabana Pool Bar shares Polson Pier with other users … freighters, public park visitors and even helicopters.

The slideshow includes a visual quiz question. Does anyone recognize the flag graphic on the freighter’s stern?

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