Happy about our back fence

Until about an hour before the storm struck, Danica and I were working on the red fence, giving it some new boards and fresh paint.

When Danica said that a big branch had hit the back fence, my heart fell. Days of hard work, crushed? But no. It was the fence on the other side … the one I recently braced with new posts. It stood up to the blow! Only some lattice on top needs replacing.

The force of that branch was enough to break two 2×6 rafters on the carport, so I am pretty proud of my fence post reinforcements. Look at the clobbering a neighbour’s Volvo got from a similar branch.

Time to finish painting the red fence, then work on those broken rafters. I’ll get help to reattach our downspout. Roof climbing days are behind me.

2 thoughts on “Happy about our back fence”

  1. WOW!!! When did this happen? Sounds like you got away lucky. The branch on top of Volvo looks like a saw cut, not a snap/break. Ummmmm

  2. Yes, Paul, the storm was just a clever cover for a chainsaw maniac. We aren’t saying any more until there has been an arrest.

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