Guild Inn gets new life soon

This is good news. The old building has been decaying for years, but restoration is in the plans and work starts in a couple of months.

Danica and I first discovered the Sunday brunch at the Guild Inn back in the 1980s. It was terrific. White table cloths and a lovely buffet that included roast beef sliced just the way you wanted. The gardens out back were even more beautiful than they are today, because they came right up to the back patio.

Set near Scarborough’s bluffs, there is a spectacular lake view from the foot of the gardens. The buildings have suffered neglect, but the gardens have been maintained. Wedding parties go there for photos, especially because the grounds are studded with old architectural features rescued from demolitions in Toronto. Pieces that were too nice to toss have a home there.

It would be great if they brought back the Sunday brunch, wouldn’t it?

Here is a rerun of a visit we made with Kathleen (who lives almost next door). We had gone to see an outdoor play that was delayed until evening, so Kathleen and Danica put on their own show. They had no music. I added that later.