Gordon Kit Thorne, painter

I came across the photos in the post below while I was looking for these. A fair number of blog visitors come looking for information about artist Gordon “Kit” Thorne. Why not oblige, with the little I have.

“Kit” in front of our house, Vancouver 1962. Right,the trademark goatee and bolo tie.

GKT was a friend and teacher to my mother, back in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I’ve posted about him before, here, and here.

I keep returning to the subject because we were fortunate to find some small examples of Kit’s work among my mother’s things. We have framed them and when I look, I see an artist of notable skill, especially when he wasn’t trying too hard for a sale.

Helen’s living room fish tank in Vancouver –16″ x 12″– watercolour on paper

This watercolour is a particular favourite. It’s as loose and fluid as it should be for the subject, isn’t it? He has created a sense of depth and motion, seemly without effort. Without laboured details, I can easily spot the big, black angel fish, the goldfish and the guppies.

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