Good show, good reception turnout

I’d been over to see Elizabeth Forrest’s new work on Wednesday, the first day it was up, because I was looking forward to seeing what she’s been doing since our last conversation. Elizabeth has spent much of her long, international career making prints, often with a strong Japanese influence. Fairly recently, she has been doing more drawing and making sculptural assemblages from her old woodcut boards.

“I wanted to do something freer”, she says. The results speak for themselves. It’s a strong show, largely concerned with circles, concentric ripples and coils. The artist has taken her theme and run with it, producing a works that are very different from one another, but coherent at the same time. Yes, they look freely-made and loose in a pleasantly natural way, but there’s an underlying disciple, intelligence and restraint, too. Beautiful. And the the legacy of those years of printmaking is present, too.

Conversations will be up until December 3rd, Gerrard Art Space, 1475 Gerrard Street East. 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.