Fun day with the top down

Brian Hickey found a mint 2006 Saab Aero convertible for Jolanta’s birthday present and we all went for a ride today.

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 Jolanta wanted some lakeshore, so we we drove to the Waterworks, which are almost as pretty as the posing Kewpie dolls. The Saab liked the location, too.

Maybe I should make up a story about what happened next, but the truth is, we were snapping pictures under the watchful eyes of a couple of police officers who decided to play along. It was all in fun I tell ya. They were just good sports.

The last photo was taken by one of the “arresting officers” on my camera. I want full credit for just saying “Thank you” and not heading this post “Shot By Toronto Police”.

2 thoughts on “Fun day with the top down

  1. Nice 🏎 (best one I could find). You are all too 😂. Donna has a way of bringing the 🚓 around. Beware who you take for rides!!!

  2. Oh, you are SO up to date with the emoji stuff, Anna. All you kids are so trendy until you get married and settle down.

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