Framing our Robitaille

The moment I heard it, I knew it was a keeper. The remark applies in so many situations.

In other countries, it can be hard to sell things. In Canada, it can be hard to buy things.

John Robert Colombo

I thought it would be a cinch to frame an 24″x18″ canvas. It’s a stock size and we wanted a natural wood finish.

We got one, as you see, but not without a shopping trip downtown, an online purchase, a return, trips to Danforth for estimates (2) another estimate on Queen Street, yet another online purchase from different dealer, a drop shipment to the local store and a walk to pick it up. It took weeks.

Click image to enlarge. Through the Back Window by Suzanne Robitaille

The effort was worthwhile. The painting hangs in natural light, in a guest room that also serves as Danica’s study. I have tried to render the photo with colours that are close to the real thing, but they will look different on every screen.

Left: wall facing the new painting. Right, the new painting between two others.

For context, the Robitaille painting is in the middle, on the right, flanked by two Helen Andersens. It faces a wall with even more art, mostly Helen’s but there is also a very nice watercolour by Gordon Kit Thorne. Your piece is in good company, Suzanne. We think the frame suits it.

2 thoughts on “Framing our Robitaille”

  1. Hey Bill,
    That really suits it!
    It was really nice to meet you and your wife last month at GAS., and
    I’m honoured that you took so much time and effort not only to frame this piece, but also to meet up at the gallery for a chat during the show closing. The buzz and joy of art love was definitely in the air!

    It’s satisfying knowing that my work has found a home with such appreciation and I hope you enjoy this piece for many years to come!
    All the best, Suzanne

    PS. Enjoying your blog!

    • Thanks for your enthusiastic comment, Suzanne. Your painting continues to please us, as much as it did when we first saw it. Blog visits are always welcome, too. Glad you are finding stuff to enjoy.

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