Fortunes, misfortunes, fortunes

On today’s walk toward Rosetta McClain Gardens, I saw an abandoned box that was being touted on the TV news a couple of weeks ago. The bank owns it now. The builder is insolvent. The asking price is nearly 4 million, but the roof leaks. You might be able to talk them down.

The place has been empty for years and was never finished inside. The garage will hold 16 cars and the basement is 20 feet high, floor to ceiling, because the dude who was building it wanted to play basketball down there.

The front yard is overgrown and big trees line the cliff’s edge, obscuring a rare view of Lake Ontario. “Hurry, hurry, hurry,” says the bank tout. “Fix it up or knock it down and build your dream home. Add 2 or 3 million to the asking price and you’ve got a 10 million dollar mansion.”

I passed, as I am a few million short at the moment. Rosetta McClain Gardens are more attractive, even though a few big trees were lost to our big windstorm in April. Birdwatchers love this park. A Baltimore Oriole is the current sensation.

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