Forrest at GAS

Elizabeth Forrest’s solo show is a multi-dimensional affair. One dimension is time, because the materials are past work, cut up and reorganized to become new things.

ReVision, ReDiscovery, ReCurrence – Elizabeth Forrest at Gerrard Art Space.

Then there are the dimensional layers. If you look closely,  I bet you can find at least 10 kinds of layering; images on acetate, surface nettings of thread, shadow-casting cutouts, see-through-screens. You find the rest.

Detail: Click image to enlarge

A most eye-catching effect is on the east wall, where Forrest audaciously breaks her paper away from the wall itself, bending it out into the viewer’s space and holding it there with almost invisible thread. It has made visitors ask, “Is it supposed to be like that?” A good response, Forrest might say. This is challenging work.

This Elizabeth Forrest show continues until June 2nd, See it when you go to the Rhodes Jam.