Following the shade

Unless streets are canopied by trees, they don’t necessarily have a shady side to walk on. My early morning walks need to be north/south. The sun strikes down east/west routes like a flaming bowling ball. There is no place to hide.

O’Connor Bridge, looking south

North on Woodbine to the O’Connor Bridge was a safe bet. I got my 10,000 steps comfortably and enjoyed some views, to boot.

Taylor Creek created need for the bridge. A pleasant path follows alongside.

Commuters can’t really see what they are missing from their car windows, but some folks on Glenwood Crescent enjoy it all the time.

There’s a genteel residential pocket to the west of the bridge.

Looking for a view of the bridge that I had not seen before, I wandered up Glenwood and found an opening in the trees.

The little creek has carved quite a large valley. It goes to the Don River.

For future reference, there appears to be a way to get down to the creek, from the top of the bridge. These stairs are on the east side, near the Glenwood crosswalk.

Danica and I always get to the creek with our bicycles from the Woodbine side, but if we are walking …

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